“I’m Paolo Romano, I was born in Turin…”

I’m Paolo Romano, I was born in Turin, I grew up in Lombardy, my father is from Piemonte, my mother is from Sicily, my great grandmother is from Sardinia, my great grandfather is from Abruzzo and I inexplicably feel a bit like I’m from Naples and I love Puglia

I like jogging, dancing Argentinian Tango, swimming, cycling, red wine, Turin’s soccer team, playing soccer, reading books, watching movies, the spring time, autumn, winter, playing the guitar, talking politics, hiking, diving, cooking, laughing, hanging out with friends, going home, getting called dad, snuggling, the smell of rain, running in the rain, reading the newspaper, pasta with garlic oil and hot red peppers, the simple things of life, trains and the color red.

Some say “I’m an actor” and some say “I act”. I don’t believe I chose my profession. As I believe that, unlike other professions, being an actor is without interruption. With the eyes of an actor you observe the world, life, you always come to a standstill on things that are insignificant to others. It takes great courage to be actors, because it takes great courage to go against being rejected every day. I imagine my life like a funnel that starts loose and becomes tighter and tighter. After passing through a small small hole, I found my self on a stage. I never got off of it.

Alongside my studies, in my life I have done a bit of everything: waiter, bartender, kitchen boy, furniture mover, house painter, carpenter, labourer, children’s entertainer, steward, archery instructor and model.

One of my mentors, Mauricio Paroni De Castro, used to say that being an actor is a “CANGA”. An enchantment, a spell that were put on you at birth. I don’t know who did it but evidently, whoever it was, succeeded.

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