I’m Paolo Romano, I was born in Turin, I grew up in Lombardy, my father is from Piemonte, my mother is from Sicily, my great grandmother is from Sardinia, my great grandfather is from Abruzzo and I inexplicably feel a bit like I’m from Naples and I love Puglia

Some say “I’m an actor” and some say “I act”. I don’t believe I chose my profession. I believe that, unlike other professions, being an actor is without interruption.

With the eyes of an actor you observe the world, life, you always come to a standstill on things that are insignificant to others.

One of my mentors, Mauricio Paroni De Castro, used to say that being an actor is a “CANGA”. An enchantment, a spell that were put on you at birth. I don’t know who did it but evidently, whoever it was, succeeded.

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